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Invest in Mutual Funds

When and Who Can Invest In Mutual Funds? How Do I save taxes with it?

0 5 min 2 mths

When to invest in mutual funds Unlike stocks, you don’t have to wait long to invest in mutual funds. Fund managers and their team of analysts only select the right stocks and assets and investors benefit regardless of the market situation. In addition, when you […]

Mutual Funds
0 5 min 2 mths

Demystifying Taxes in India: An Overview of Direct and Indirect Taxes and Tax Laws

Introduction Taxation is the means by which a government or tax authority collects taxes from its citizens and businesses. From income tax to goods and services tax (GST), taxes apply at all levels. What are taxes? Central and state governments play an important role in […]

Futures Trading
0 5 min 2 mths

A Beginner’s Guide to Futures Trading: How to Get Started and Minimize Risks

Introduction Buying a futures contract is basically buying multiple stocks in the spot market. The fundamental difference is that when you buy futures contracts you don’t get instant delivery. Let’s take a look at the basics of futures trading and what futures trading can do: […]

Futures Trading
Options Trading
0 6 min 2 mths

Unlocking the Benefits of Options Trading: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Investment portfolios are often made up of different asset classes. These are typically stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds. Options are another class of asset. When used correctly, options trading offers many benefits that trading in stocks and bonds alone does not. Before discussing […]

Options Trading
0 4 min 2 mths

Demystifying Hedge Funds: Strategies, Risks, and Who Should Invest

Definition Hedge Fund is a private investment company and group of funds that employ a variety of complex ownership strategies and invest or trade complex products, including listed and unlisted derivatives. Put simply, a hedge fund is a pool of money that takes long and […]

Hedge Funds
Market Rallies
0 3 min 2 mths

Understanding Market Rallies in Finance: Bull vs. Bear Market Rallies

Introduction A rally is a continuous rise in the prices of stocks, bonds and / or indices. This term is often used on commercial media platforms to describe a period of time when prices are constantly rising. A rally is also used to indicate upward […]